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Choosing High Speed Internet

First we can define internet as the global system that is comprised of computer networks that are interconnected and use an internet protocol suite that links all devices globally. We can also refer internet as a network of networks which are government, private, public, academic and business networks which are of global to local scope.

All these networks are linked together with a very broad array of electronics, wireless and optical networking technology. Speed of the internet is what that governs the ability of the internet to do all this efficiently. The speed varies from one device to the other and also depends on the type of broadband that you are using. The internet has very many network services and the most traffic is usually experienced through mobile applications like the social media apps, electronic mail, the world wide web and file sharing. All this takes place successfully when the speed of the internet is relatively at a good rate.

When the speed of the internet is high any person relying on the internet will be able to cover a wide range of duties in the internet in a very short time. If your internet is of high speed you will not only enjoy downloading movies and pictures, streaming TV shows and online gaming but also you can benefit from it by working in comforts of your home, video chatting, downloading latest software updates and a lot more.

The normal speed of high speed internet starts from 512 kilobits per second (kbps) and it can be more than that, despite the fact that fast internet is relative. A couple of decades ago, we had dial-up which was the only internet that was offered to homes and had a speed starting from 56 kbps. During that time people would not be able to dream of any speed higher than 1 mbps ( megabit per second) but, a new era of technology emerged and the impossible became the most possible. Now because of fiber-optic internet people get to experience internet speeds of up to 500 mbps.

Fibber-optic internet technology move data from one point to the other through light pulses that encourage large amounts of data to be transmitted at a great distance in a short period of time. Cable internet is the one that uses copper to transmit data. Cable internet was fastest for a period of time but fiber-optic internet came and took the show eventually.

In fiber-optic internet everybody gets they own internet separately from the rest, meaning speed will not have to share allowing it to be at its best speed. High speed internet has come a long way, evolving from 56 kbps up to 500 mbps, I think it is safe to say that it will not stop there.
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