Know The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drive In Pallet Racking

The drive in Pallet Racking is one of the common racking systems found in the warehouses. They are installed in the storage units for ensuring cost-effective and high-density storage solutions for the products and the pallets. They are designed in such a manner that it gives the impression of the last out storage system used at the warehouse. The Drive-in pallet racking is best used where a large number of products are used and they are not time sensitive. This pallet racking is used to utilize the warehouse in the better way. This type of racking is best used where there are a large number of products which are not time specific. This type of racking is also used for the maximizing the storage capacities.

The drive-in pallet rack system is designed in such a manner that is used for storing anywhere from the 2 -10 pallets deep as per the position of the deep pallet. If you want to know how the deep pallet racking system helps in maximizing the warehouse space. You can take help from the specialist who will discuss with you the area where they are placed and these racking systems will help to maximize the space.

How the deep pallet racking system works-

This type of pallet rack system is placed in the rack system by the forklift operators and they are loaded in the horizontal manner. The drivers then remove the pallets from the entry points where they have loaded the items. These types of racks are mainly placed against the wall or at the end of the system. Though, these systems are quite popular in the warehouse, they are having some disadvantages as well.

Benefits of drive in pallet rack

Here are some of the benefits drive in pallet racks, let us have a look-

  1. They are having the high capacity. They are used to keep various things in one place together. They are used in the warehouse as they can maximize the space.
  2. They are best for the LIFO distribution. This can be one of the best benefits of using this type of pallet system.
  3. They are of high productivity. They are used in the warehouse as they increase the productivity of the place.
  4. They are cost-efficient and suitable for various storage depths.
  5. They are also best for the batch storage facilities as well.

Disadvantages of using the drive in pallet racks

Here are some of the disadvantages that are for the drive in a pallet.

  1. They are not selectively used
  2. They are damaged due to warehouse problems.

Hence, if you want to use the drive in pallet racks, you can call the storage rack manufacturers for the best better installation and items.


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